Co-author London England

Producers disappointed by the Supreme Court’s holding in Devon Energy Production v. Sheppard might have reason to feel vindicated. The question in HL Hawkins Jr., Inc. v. Capitan Energy Inc. et al. was whether producer Capitan deducted impermissible post-production costs from gross proceeds used to calculate royalties. Lessor Hawkins‘ royalty was one

Co-author Tiereney Bowman*

Texas courts continue to address the “fixed or floating” non-participating royalty interest question. The El Paso Court of Appeals’ answer in Bridges v. Uhl et al. was floating, based on the language in that particular reservation,

In 1940 the Klattenhoffs sold a 640-acre tract in Upton County to Virgil Powell, reserving, “an

Co-author Trevor Lawhorn

If you have ever wondered how many ways a cocktail of stupidity*, treachery and feckless government can inflict financial harm on the undeserving, including the citizens the feckless government leaders are supposed to serve, see City of Dallas v. Trinity E. Energy, LLC.


In 2008 during the Barnett Shale drilling boom