An opinion that observes “Obviously the jury was not overly enamored with Appellants.” is worth discussing. The decision is Stephens et al v. Three Finger Black Shale Partnership et al.

What to know about partnerships 

Parties to a transaction need to be mindful that if a business deal is a partnership, there will be rights and duties not present in arms-length commercial transactions. The main question in Stephens: Was a partnership formed by a letter agreement, a participation agreement and the actions of the parties? Continue Reading Texas Court Addresses Bad Acts in a Lease Play

Noted scientists Yoko and Sean share their knowledge of fracking

Gasland II made its villainous debut this week on HBO.  It‘s more egregious than the first in that it not only repeats disproven scenarios, but adds new ones that are equally misinformed. I complain about these injustices as a hobby, so don’t take my word for it. Listen to someone who makes a living understanding and explaining these matters.      

Steve Everley of Energy in Depth reveals Gasland II‘s misstatements and exaggerations about Dimock, Pennsylvania; Dish, Texas; the Lipskys in Parker County, Texas; methane leaks and climate change; water quality in Pavillion, Wyoming (and the EPA’s testing malpractice); Deborah Rogers in Fort Worth; fracking and earthquakes; alleged well failures and casing leaks, and more.

To be fair to the many Americans who have formed a negative opinion about oil and gas exploration, movies like Gasland could be their only source of information on the subject. Those who haven’t heard the other side of the story can now be enlightened. Let them decide for themselves.