Its time again to report on climate-related news from a perspective other than the alarmists. I’ll leave it to those who know more than I.

First, have you wondered why all the news from your Google search seems to spell climate D-O-O-M?  Maybe its because the UN has teamed up with the search engine to bury the kind of stories you see here. Don’t take my word for it. Here is the UN under-secretary for global communications explaining that they “own the science”.

How reliable are climate-change forecasts? Not very; Larry Elder in the Daily Signal recounts nine of them.

And here is a well-documented review by the American Enterprise Institute’s Mark J. Perry of the 41 climate doomsday predictions over the past 50 years that did not come to pass (and the none that did).

The threat of melting Antarctic glaciers is not as portrayed in overhyped news reports, says Steven Koonin in the Wall Street Journal. (Apologies, full access requires a subscription). This piece is interesting because Koonin is a physicist, Under Secretary for Science in the Obama administration’s Department of Energy, author of Unsettled, What Climate Science Tells Us, What it Doesn’t, and Why it Matters, and hardly a fossil fuel apologist.

To learn more, read Unsettled. In which Mr. Koonin explains how the IPCC climate reports are political documents built to persuade rather than to inform, and are not scientific presentations subject to peer review and scrutiny.

Despite what you will hear from the hysterics, there is no evidence of an increase in the frequency of hurricanes since 1980, says Dr. Roy Spencer.

As the United States heedlessly commits our economy to the green revolution, threatening our energy independence and economic prosperity, China is building carbon-spewing coal fired power plants at an alarming rate, says Mark Green of the Wilson Center. Are they laughing at us? Mark Bastasch at the Daily Caller thinks so.

Bjorn Lomborg shows us that  there’s plenty of good news about the environment.

Daniel Markind in Forbes explains how the current Administration is using every effort to stifle domestic oil and gas production while Europe is starving for energy and Germany is returning to the coal mines after its disastrous foray into green energy.

Says Robert Bradley, Jr. at Master Resource, there is increasing pushback against the “scientific consensus” promoted by climate ideologues.

Portions of the Great Barrier Reef that were studied are healthy and growing.

California has a solution!

And as long as we are talking California

Loretta Lynn RIP

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