I prepared this post before Ida. It might now be perceived as cynical, or unsympathetic to the plight of those affected in South Louisiana and the Northeast. Is the intensity of hurricanes exacerbated by global warming? Some say it is; some say it isn’t. Regardless, what to know and do about climate change is not going away. So here we go.

If your news about the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change comes from the Guardian, or the New York Times, or Miss Thuneburg and you prefer it that way, perhaps you won’t read any further. Otherwise, consider whether there are takeaways from the IPCC’s 3,936-page Sixth Assessment Report other than those by the aforesaid and other MSM’s.

By those accounts the results are scary; it’s “code red for humanity”; we are amidst a world “in parts burning, in parts drowning, and in parts starving”; it’s over, and we’ve lost; the condition is “catastrophic”; we’re gonna soon meet a fiery end; and so on.

Is the hysteria justified?

It’s confusing for sure, and ironic. After canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline, banning leasing and drilling on federal lands, and otherwise doing the Government’s best to hasten the demise of the domestic oil and gas industry, and only three days after the IPCC Assesment, President Biden asked OPEC to produce more oil … without offering the same to our job-creating, tax-paying, domestic producers!! (David Blackmon in Forbes)

Some of the reports are unbalanced, if you consider NPR’s reporting on wildfires.    (Watts Up With That?)

“Climate change” could be overblown. (Bjorn Lomborg)

Fixing climate change is ultimately an economic problem. (John Cochrane in Capital Matters, from National Review)

The claim of unprecedented manmade floods tied to climate change should be investigated (Watts Up With That?)

It appears there was manipulation of data to achieve a desired outcome (Watts Up With That!)

And was July really the world’s hottest month? (Not A Lot of People Know That)

Advocates of the IPCC agenda see an opportunity for the kind of  political and economic reimagination you shoud not want. They advocate socialism (the Guardian), and communism. (Diamondback, the University of Maryland student newspsper, a preview of our leaders of tomorrow)

China is going on a coal spree. (Yale School of Environment) …

… and holding John Kerry and the US’s climate agenda hostage for concessions on other issues, feeling stronger after our missteps in Afghanistan. (Powerline)

Do you know why the polar bear is no longer the poster child for climate change? (Canadian Geographic)

Just as with COVID, we are not in this together. (New York Post)

There are reasons why those in control lie and exagerate (Kevin Williamson, discussing the masterpiece that was Reefer Madness, the San Diego Police, and other examples)

Your musical interlude.