It is difficult to resist shameless promotion of natural gas, especially when to do so makes sense.  Here is an article by Bjorn Lomborg,   A Fracking Good Story . Mr Lomborg is is an adjunct professor at the Copenhagen Business School, and founder and director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center and is known as a global warming skeptic, not because he denies the phenomenon, but because he has alternative ideas about how to address it. And he isn’t from Texas or Louisiana!! 

Among other points in this article:

  • U. S. CO2 emissions have dropped 20 percent despite adding 57 million energy consumers.
  • Overall, U.S. emissions have been reduced by 400 to 500 megatonnes a year, which is twice the total effect of the Kyoto Protocol on the rest of the world.
  • Wind turbines in the United States reduce emissions by only one-tenth the amount natural gas does. The European Union, for example, has invested over $20 billion annually into solar and wind energy, but its per capita CO2 emission have fallen by less than half of what the United States has achieved.
  • Natural gas emits 45 percent less carbon per energy unit than coal.