Let’s start with a quiz:

Which of these predictions is most likely to come true:

  1. Senator Sanders’ “bold” climate action plan will gain traction and become the law of the land.
  2. Vegan options will be available at the next landman’s dinner meeting.
  3. As 2020 approaches President Trump will learn his lesson. No more tweets.
  4. After all these years, your cat will finally respect you.
  5. LSU will beat Texas on the gridiron.

Recall a recent post about the bidding war among presidential aspirants as they battle to see whose climate agenda will appease the left wing of the left wing of the Democratic Party. If that weren’t enough, Comrade Bernie has upped the ante to the tune of $16 Trillion to achieve, among other goals, 100 percent renewable energy for electricity and transportation before your first grader goes off to college. He will do it without relying on “false solutions” such as nuclear, geoengineering, carbon capture and sequestration, or trash incinerators. Other “features” include an immediate end to drilling on federal lands, decarbonizing the entire economy in 31 years, creation of a “Climate Justice Resiliency Fund”, litigating the entire industry into beggary, and much more. Read the plan for yourself.

You scoff. Bernie’s plan to destroy the oil and gas industry, your job, and the U S economy while not denting global warming (some call it “the weather”) or curbing the voracious energy appetites of China and India is just too wacky to survive! Correct, but such ridiculousness makes other almost-as-crazy and unworkable propositions sound reasonable – and electable – in comparison.

Not to worry. Many of your trillions will go toward a “just transition for workers”. Used-to-be engineers, landmen and geologists will find fulfilment in their new careers as welders on a wind turbine.

On a related topic, the August 23rd Wall Street Journal (paywall, sorry) reported on industry efforts to reduce methane leaks in the natural gas production chain. That news deserves support. A feature of that article worth noting is the Vermont consumer who said, “Whenever you think fracking you don’t think clean”, and you have the environmentalists who want more regulation because they don’t trust detest the industry. Here’s the challenge: If you, if you own the company, or your boss if you don’t, elect to ignore the war being waged against your livelihood, you will lose the battle and the war. You’ve lost the crazies, you are losing the MSM and with it, ordinary people who don’t have time to pay attention to the details.

This week, more lady singers, one in the past (and also deceased) and a girl band very much in the present.

Answer to quiz: # 5. (Sweet Jesus, let It happen.)