Are you “woke”* vis-vis-vis global warming and the coming-any-day-now destruction of the coral reefs, the arctic ice pack, polar bears, coastlines, the flora, the fauna, you, me, and the entire natural world as we know it? Me neither. That’s because I elect to look past the first dozen or so results from a Google search of “global warming”, “climate change”, and related topics.

If you are firmly entrenched in the settled-science community, don’t flee in disgust. The point is that it’s inconvenient, actually difficult, to find entries that question or discount the impending climate apocalypse. For example, Google “global warming skeptic” and here are the first two entries:

Attacking the skeptics

From the Union of Concerned Scientists, calling out, dare we say shaming, skeptics, or, as they are often described, “deniers”.

From Skeptical Science, a guide for discrediting the skeptics.

One would hope to find thoughtful discussions from knowledgeable professionals who challenge the orthodoxy. No such luck.

Another way

Legitimate, fact-based contrarian positions are there, if you look hard enough.

For example:

  • Anthony Watts in Watts Up With That reports that one Paul Homewood asserts that the NOAA adjusted temperatures in 1943 to appear colder than they were so as to make temperatures in the winters of 2013-2014 and 2018 appear warmer. There is an explanation – time of observation – which the authors don’t accept.
  • Steven Hayward in Powerline accuses the NASA Goddard Space Institute of assuring us that the potential leveling off of temperatures predicted by the alarmists will be only temporary and is not evidence that their prediction of ever-rising temperatures long-term could be wrong.
  • One more: In Watts Up With That, Christopher Booker explains Groupthink and global warming zealotry.

Why discuss this topic I promised never to address in this space? Not to insist that you agree with the naysayers, but if you are truly skeptical there are others who, armed with actual facts and knowledge, agree with you.

Google this

For your edification, here, according to Business Insider, are the world’s most prominent skeptics, treated respectfully. Search for them and evade the alarmist gatekeepers.

*slang, to be aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice).

And a musical interlude, dedicated to Copernicus and Galileo.