Before we talk about global warming, which of these statements most matches your view of  politics and policy:

“In all things the mean is praiseworthy, and the extremes neither praiseworthy nor right, but worthy of blame.” Aristotle.

“There’s Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos.” Title of a book  by Texas populist and former Land Commissioner Jim Hightower.

 Mr. Hightower would be right at home in the latest clusterfukushima that is the disagreement over global warming. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – the UN sponsored organization that has been reporting for years on the impending doom caused by anthropogenic global warming – is about to issue its fifth report on climate change. The report will reveal (it seems everybody but you and me has read it) that the IPCC has been underestimating global warming for all these years, and climate change could have double the impact previously thought. That’s what Nafeez Ahmed in EarthInsight says.

That’s not at all what the report will say. The IPCC will tone down its climate-change alarmism and substantially reduce its dire predictions about the future rising of global temperatures. So there’s not so much to worry about. That’s what they say in The Spectator.

That’s a lie like all the other lies. The climate change deniers are “industry puppets spewing obscene lies while people drown”. And the recent Colorado floods are all because of climate change.  That’s what David Sirota says, rather emotionallly, in Salon.

That’s slanderous. The “tell” of the “climateers” reflects their bad hand.  Their warnings of catastrophe now say it will happen “some decades from now” rather than “before the Texas Rangers fall totally out of contention for the MLB playoffs”, as was projected. That’s what Powerline says. That deadline was mine, of course. Theirs is “soon”.  

B*#$+ S#*<!  Global warming is every bit as bad as it ever was and anyone who is against it has been writing articles characterized by misinformation. (To wit, a purportedly “humiliating” piece in The Daily Mail). That’s what Bob Ward of the Grantham Institute, associated with the London School of Economics, says.

And to pile on:  Rush Limbaugh is a corpulent, bloviating idiot. So thinks Media Matters.

Talk about bad motives!  The IPCC bureaucrats are all in it for the huge government subsidies and other perks, says Powerline. The NIPCC , a cleverly-named private group, uses its own studies to portray a view of climate change that is “realistic”. 

But NIPCC is a front for former tobacco lobbyists and current fossil-fuel industry stooges, and their conclusions are “absurd”, says desmog.

Trust me; there’s more.  I give up trying to please Aristotle; I’m in the hunt for Diogenes, the guycarrying the lamp.