Politico and other sources report that President Obama promised a crowd of supporters in northern California recently that he would unveil his climate change strategy sometime soon. What it might look like is unknown.  It has been suggested that the policy will revolve around EPA pollution sources like power plants. 

It is reported that there is no relation between the Keystone and climate change initiatives. The State Department concluded that the Keystone XL pipeline which, as if you didn’t know it already, would import Canadian tar sands oil, would not meaningfully increase global pollution. This finding was attacked by environmental groups, and even another government agency, the EPA.

Before the election the President’s spokesperson said he had no plans for a carbon tax. It appears that he has changed his mind.  

Could this be the result they have in mind for oil and gas?

Speaking of climate change, as in any debate the same data can be used bydifferent sides for opposing purposes.  But there is always someone who seeks somthing closer to the rational center of the debate than do the radical elements.