According to a Sunday blog post by Conn Carroll in the Washington Examiner, the EPA is hurrying efforts to implement regulations that would ban coal-fired power plants before the end of the year, in fear that a loss by President Obama in Tuesday’s election would put an end to what would otherwise be on the second-term agenda.

Some will discredit that post as another example of  a “right wing”, get-out-the-vote-in-the-swing-states, fear-mongering polemic.  However, the post refers to a well-researched May 2012 Manhattan Institute paper by Senior Fellow Robert Bryce questioning the wisdom of over-regulation of coal. 

And one could question the need for additional regulation of this sector of the energy industry.  According to an October 15 post by Brad Plumer in the Washington Post, heavy regulation might not be necessary for those who would like to wean America off coal.  

A tongue-in-cheek  musical interlude to remind us what it could be like.