Ron Curry is the EPA’s new administrator for Region 6, which is responsible for enforcement of federal environmental laws in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Arkansas.  Mr. Curry replaces Al “Crucify ’em” Armendariz, who was sacked earlier this year after comments, caught on video, in which he likened his tactics to the Romans of antiquity who supressed the villages they conquered by killing the first five men they saw.  It made the rest of the citizenry easier to subjugate, was the rationale. I’m sure it did. 

Here is a selection of news reports about Mr. Curry’s appointment:

The Dallas Business Journal says the industry hopes for science-based regulatory enforcement.  This is ironic, given that the current administration promised just such a policy in the last presidential campaign

The Dallas Morning News reminds us that he is not from  Texas.

The Houston Chronicle says environmentalists are pleased with the appointment.

The New Orleans Times Picayune says that Public Citizen touts Mr. Curry’s ability to work with industry and environmental groups.  

The Texas Tribune says he is an advocate for action to stop climate change.

I close with this seldom-seen video featuring the EPA  in the act of encouraging other agencies to join in on the regulatory frenzy.  In the full moon of this administration’s first, perhaps only, term, hear the howling chorus respond with joy and enthusiasm: the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Hugo Chavez, the central planners at the countless boards and commissions created by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, bankrupt California taxing entities, and the town that busted the little girls’ lemonade stand.

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