A quiz: What do Big Oil and Galileo, and maybe you, have in common? Answer is below.

Here is news and opinions about climate change that counters climate-alarm truthiness emanating from some quarters. These facts and opinions are being said by those who know what they are talking about. Decide for yourself if you accept it.

For example, fires are not getting worse, storms are not getting worse, and the polar bears are doing fine, says economist Bjorn Lomborg. Incidentally, he believes the climate is getting warmer and offers realistic solutions.

Climate-change dissent is muffled. Or worse, the dissenters are scorned. Idealogues rule the debate.

Alex Epstein deflates several “facts” he deems to be climate myths (e.g. 2023 is not the hottest year on record) and shows how climate data is manipulated by climate catastrophists.

Speaking of one-sided scenarios, the Dallas Morning News warns that the summer of 2023 was the hottest ever. The source is the Associated Press.  See the link above; Mr. Epstein says it is a myth. What matters is that there is legitimate disagreement on the topic. The Morning News and others in the mainstream media rely on sources who act as if the purpose of news reporting is to advocate a position rather than actually report and let the reader decide. Fatuous politicians, bureaucrats lacking expertise (says Francis Fenton of The Manhattan Contrarian , feckless government policy, and children who can’t sleep at night and the parents who terrify them, are the results.

See this link for a debate about climate sensitivity, that is, the sensitivity of the earth’s climate to increases in atmospheric CO2 concentrations. You have both sides to consider.

Storms are getting worse!!! says the AP. No, they aren’t, says David Legates at the Heartland Institute.

Answer to the quiz:  Both have been condemned by the current “science” … and the Catholic Church. Lately it’s from the Vatican’s chief meteorologist, who has a cool side-hustle. 

Answered correctly? You won an hour of scorn from Greta Thunburg.

Your musical interludes: One for the mighty Ra … and one for what comes next.