We’ll end the year end with a look at “COP27”, the all-expense-paid shindig that was the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties, featuring exaggerations, hysteria, and outright misstatements burning with greater intensity and frequency than their beloved climate itself.

Before you decide who to trust, remember who says they “own the science”.

Conservation for thee but not for me

A reported 400 private jets made their carbon-spewing way to a luxury resort in Egypt to again pronounce the fiery demise of Mother Earth. This is just fine with the BBC because the work of saving the planet is much more important than anything you do.

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Crying “wolf”

U.S. warming could be exaggerated by 50%, says Watts Up With That!, citing sources.

Chicken Little speaks

Mainstream media, including my own overmatched Dallas Morning News, succumbs to hysteria from the Associated Press. “Act Now or Die!” … as in, give them lots of money!

Your legitimacy is in question when University of Colorado Boulder scientists worry about mental health crises in youth because of climate change catastrophism.

Pinocchio speaks

Blame the Morning News for being understaffed. The Seattle Times, though, censors “disinformation” and issues demonstrably false “information” of its own.

According to Heartland Institute, a new poll casts considerable doubt on the “97 percent consensus” among scientists about climate change.

Reality speaks

The problem, says Matt Ridley in Not Alot of People Know That, is that green zealots are threatening real conservation.

According to Dan Eberhart in Forbes, the delusion is that alternatives can carry the day. We will need fossil fuels for a long time.

And by some accounts the Polar Bears are doing fine.

Closer to home, and to your wallet and our energy security, Alex Epstein exposes 12 myths about the “Inflation Reduction Act” .

Grifting speaks

Ignoring the life-changing benefits of fossil fuels to their standard of living, less-developed countries trolling for free cash are hard at work to appropriate your taxes, and they are enabled by our enerzy czar and COP27 delegate. What’s the over/under on the kleptocracy quotient? Half, … most? How about politically driven, crony-directed misspending?

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