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Seismic Map is at the Center of Trade Secret Case

Posted in Litigation

Co-author Brooke Sizer The “tradition” of stealing a prospect generator’s maps – and getting caught at it – is alive and well. Lamont et al v. Vaquillas Energy Lopeno Ltd et al is the second recent Texas case on theft of trade secrets and, like the first, resulted in a large judgment against the alleged thieves. The Players… Continue Reading

Prospect Generator is Vindicated

Posted in Contract Disputes, Litigation

The prospect generator’s worst nightmare is presented in Southwestern Energy Production Co. v. Berry-Helfand and Muncey. I will over-simplify the facts: Hefland and Muncey toil for years generating James Lime prospects in a five-county area in East Texas. They show it. Dry holes are drilled. More data is generated. They show it many times again.  Parties who are shown… Continue Reading

Texas Makes it Easier to Protect Trade Secrets

Posted in Legislation

Many years ago, in the days of cheap oil and cheaper natural gas, The Superior Oil Company often hired geologists and engineers away from Mobil Oil. As a result of many years of attracting good talent, Superior became the largest independent producer in the U.S. In 1986 Mobil acquired Superior. It was said at the time that the… Continue Reading

Theft of Trade Secrets Nets Large Damage Award

Posted in Litigation

For the sake of conversation let’s say I burgle your trade secrets after failing to close a big deal that would have saved your company. I would be in big trouble, according to a bankruptcy court in In re TXCO Resources., Inc., a case study in treachery and self-dealing in the executive suite worthy of J.R Ewing at… Continue Reading