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What’s the EPA Been Up To Lately?

Posted in Regulations

Ever the schoolyard bully, the EPA has been pushing its agenda against the will of the states, at least until the principal intervenes. A minority (that’s the Republicans) report by the U. S. Senate Committee on the Environment & Public Works asserts that the EPA is in violation of “cooperative federalism”, in which the EPA would… Continue Reading

What Can the Energy Industry Expect from Obama’s Second Term?

Posted in Energy Policy, Environmental Policy

“It is better to stop a bad law than pass a good one.” Calvin Coolidge. Is anybody in Washington listening to Silent Cal?  What can the energy industry (oil and gas in particular) expect from the Administration in its second term?  Let’s gaze into the crystal ball: Carbon Tax The National Center for Policy Analysis predicts… Continue Reading

What is the Best Way to Fight Rising Sea Levels?

Posted in Energy Policy, Environmental Policy

For the purposes of this conversation let’s agree that global warming exists, and let’s not argue about whether it is, as those who use big words say, “anthropomorphic”  “anthropogenic” or, as you and I might say, “man made”. Bjorn Lomborg doesn’t focus so much on the causes of rising sea levels; he proposes alternative ways to address the effects. In… Continue Reading