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In Search of the Perfect Sazerac – the Quest Continues

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As another college football weekend approaches, let’s talk whiskey.  All work and no play might save Jack’s liver from decaying into a bile-filled mass of diseased tissue, but the oil man needs a break from the burden of termination clauses, stolen trade secrets, and – as revealed by Yoko and Shawn – desecration of Mother Earth by those toxic gas wells he’s been drilling…. Continue Reading

Bonus Post – In Search of the Perfect Sazerac

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A Quiz: “Sazerac”: (a) The bar in the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans, (b) A wholly-owned subsidiary of the oil field company with the blue trucks, (c) Cyrano, the French guy with the big nose, (d) A drink comprising rye whiskey, simple syrup, Absinthe or Herbsaint or Pernod, Angostura bitters, and Peychaud’s bitters, (e) a… Continue Reading