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Louisiana Statutory Penalties Imposed on Operator

Posted in Legislation, Litigation, Pooling and Unitization

If you’ve ever tried to escape penalties for the operator/producer’s failure to comply with La. R.S §30:103.1 and §103.2, take comfort in XXI Oil & Gas, LLC v. Hilcorp Energy Company.  You are not alone. No excuse has satisfied the courts, and there is none here. The statutes (links above) require information and certain procedures… Continue Reading

Compulsory Unitization is a Grand Idea (Rhetorically Speaking)

Posted in Pooling and Unitization

Co-author Travis Booher There are plenty of reasons why compulsory unitization is good for Texas, say the proponents of Texas House Bill 100, the Oil and Gas Majority Rights Protection Act. More production = more money The foremost benefit of fieldwide unitization is enhanced production.  Oil and or gas that would otherwise be left behind would be produced. For… Continue Reading

What‘s in a Name? Is Texas House Bill 100 Really Forced “Pooling”?

Posted in Pooling and Unitization

Co-author Travis Booher “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. (This situation is more like the star-crossed lovers of this famous passage than you might think; let’s hope this session’s Act III doesn’t end the same way.) We’ve been called to task because of last week’s reference to HB… Continue Reading