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Hydrocarbon Exposure Reconsidered

Posted in Litigation, Pollution

Co-author Maryann Zaki You might recall previous entries (here is one) discussing the $2.9 million Dallas County verdict and judgment in Parr v. Aruba. Not all similar suits have the same result. Michael and Myra Cerny sued Marathon Oil Corp. and Plains Exploration & Production Company, alleging, as in Parr,  private nuisance, negligence, and negligence per se…. Continue Reading

A Plaintiffs’ Jury Verdict in a Texas Fracing Case

Posted in Hydraulic Fracturing, Pollution

Co-author Maryann Zaki In case you’ve been living in your van down by the river, you’ve heard that a Texas jury awarded $2.9 million to landowners in a case involving alleged hydrocarbon exposure due to hydraulic fracturing operations. Here is the jury verdict. The Parrs sued Aruba Petroleum, alleging that drilling and fracing at Aruba’s 22 wells located within two miles of… Continue Reading

Mixed Result in a Louisiana Legacy Pollution Case

Posted in Lease Disputes, Pollution

Co-author Ann Weissmann The Dietz family sued several lessees for injunctive relief and restorative damages arising out of leases on two non-contiguous tracts in Acadia Parish. In Dietz, et al. v. Superior Oil Company, et al  the trial court granted the lessees’ dilatory exceptions of prematurity and improper cumulation and dismissed the plaintiff’s suit without… Continue Reading

Louisiana Addresses Legacy Pollution Claims

Posted in Litigation, Pollution

  Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed into law two bills significantly revising Louisiana’s oilfield cleanup statute, La. R. S 30:29. The new law affects the procedures for remediating oil field pollution and resolving oilfield contamination claims.  The purupose is to expedite the remediation process and the resolution of claims. For the highlights that were important to the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association,… Continue Reading

In a Legacy Pollution Suit Plaintiff Gets the Jalopy, not the Mercedes

Posted in Pollution

You’re driving while texting your engineers about enhancing reservoir performance with LPG gel fracturing technology, and you rear-end a broken-down 15-year old Kia. The owner demands to be made whole. Is he entitled to the equivalent of another jalopy just as good as the one he had or, say, the brand-new Mercedes he says he needs? The Louisiana Supreme Court, in its latest… Continue Reading